I remember the last day of middle school we would have a talent show. One of my friends in 6th grade sang, We Will Rock You. There is a small story behind that. In our 6th grade Social Studies class we would do the two stomps and the clap. This was on a daily basis. It would upset our teacher so much that he would start threatening Ferrals. He never did put Re in front of it. It became  a very loud deal. 25 kids per hour would do this. Good Times!!!! I look back at some of the things we did and  no wonder teachers quit after they had my class. In 8th grade, at the talent show, half of us, (students and teachers) were in a giant conga line. That was started by my old drama teach. That made the powers that be mad. We had to stop but not before the entire gym was circled by a conga line. Good Times. I kinda have a small story with every Retro Video. That brings me to my 7th grade year. A friend of mine rewrote a song. Her version was about pickles. I couldn’t believe that came into my head this morning when I woke up. Going to the country, gonna eat a lot of pickles. It works. For your viewing pleasure, the original. From 1996 by The Presidents Of The United States Of America, Today’s Retro Video, Peaches