Tomorrow starts a big weekend for us here at The Buzz Kill Blog. Tomorrow will be some holiday themed blogs. Stick Figure Dan with an open letter to one of out founding fathers. A Hall of Hunks and A Hall of Hotties, Funny Ass Video, plus a few surprises as well. Friday, The Craving Humor Store will be having our Black Friday Sale. We have put a bunch of new designs, that you will love. Join us for all the fun.

Thanksgiving is tomorrow which means a lot of damn food. Filling ourselves full with turkey and all the trimmings. It’s such a bad time to be on a diet. I am going to gain back all the weight I lost. Damn it. This might be the last night I get to see Mr. happy in the flesh. I will miss you my friend. This Retro Video is for you. We are going back to 1983. After hearing  the Hayseed Dixie version, I felt like this is the one. Here is Kiss with Lick It Up. Don’t forget to join us tomorrow.