I love sports. That is no secret. Every morning when I get up the TV goes to the greatest network on television, ESPN. I saw an ad for the show that the 20th inductee into the Hall was on. I checked it out and fell in love the moment I saw her. There is not a day, I miss an episode of Sportsnation. The next induction into the Hall of Hotties is:

Michelle Beadle

First of all, She worked for the New York Nets before joining ESPN. This tells me one thing. I know I have an actual chance with her. She is accustomed to being around losers. Please Wikipedia Colin Cowherd for more on losers. Her first job in sports broadcasting at Fox Sports Net hosting the show Big Game Hunters. I really think she would have been able to make Hunting look sexy. Here holding a shotgun. Damn, I might have a miss fire just thinking about it. She joined TNN to be the behind the scenes reporter for the PBR. I don’t think I would have any problem letting her have an 8 second ride. Come on, you know I was gonna make a sexual joke about bull riding. One difference, our ride would be bareback. She now works on the ESPN 2 show  Sportsnation and host The Winners Bracket on ABC Saturday afternoons. We welcome in my opinion the best looking woman in Sports, Michelle Beadle to the Hall of Hotties. Michelle, if you read this, We can make fun of The Akron Hammer. If you know what I mean.