Merry Christmas everyone. I love this holiday sooo much. All the Pepsi, you can drink, the sweet sweet taste of Baklava, and Christmas lights decorating a homes across towns all over the country. Up until today there Malls filled with guys playing Santa. However, there is one problem with this. Behind every good man is a sexy woman. This very special induction into the Hall Of Hotties is:

Sexy Mrs. Claus      

Hands down, at the holidays nothing gets the blood flowing like seeing a woman dressed scantily clad in red and white. I would love to stock on of these ladies stocking if you know what I mean. Maybe they can pretend I am Santa and sit in my lap. I would love for a woman dressed like this, sit in my lap and tell me they have been one naughty girl. To lick her like a candy cane. This is turning really really dirty.

Sexy Elf

Hello Santa’s little helper. It’s not easy wearing green. Hence why this elves clothes will be laying on the floor of my bedroom. Seeing a woman in this sexy little number will also get the blood flowing. The down side that blood is rushing to one part of the body. That does it for this. I am going back to A Christmas Story before I blow a gasket.

Don’t forget part 3 of A Christmas Wish will be up later today.