In honor of the holiday season, I would like to make a tandem introduction into the Hall of Hunks. Let’s face it, I’m Southern and damn proud of it. So are these guys, and they are mama’s boys to boot. Always looking for a new addition to my list of BILFs, brothers Jamie and Bobby Deen, sons of the venerable Southern lady, Paula Deen, are the newest members of the Hall of Hunks. Nothing thrills me quite like bagging both brothers for a set. Combine great personalities, yummy southern cooking, dimples and I’m a goner. Both boys have been key in the development of their mother’s southern food empire, from delivering sack lunches to office workers around Savannah for The Bag Lady to working in restaurants like The Lady and Sons, to hosting their own shows on the Food Network. Although Jamie has married, Bobby has remained single, in fact he has been named People’s Most Eligible Bachelor, saying he just has not found the right girl. Come on up to Arkansas Mr. Deen and I’ll show you what’s cookin’ round here. All I want for Christmas is Jamie, Bobby, and a couple pounds of butter. Merry Christmas y’all!!

You didn’t think I could write about the Deens without a butter reference, did you? 😉