Red Orange glow of the street lights
Keeps me awake so I’m up nights,
Trying to live life and fight the fight,
And make right all the wrong,
Before the darkness turns to dawn,
And the new day has begun,
And then I’m done,
Unwound a broken man in a hollow town,
Then all of a sudden my world crashes,
As the daylight turns to dark ashes,
Asleep now in my dreams,
You are there,
We live freely without a care,
There it’s perfect unlike life is,
We are golden with a purpose,
There is peace and there is love,
When I’m awake there’s not enough,
You’re like a drug to me,
That little hit of ecstasy to get me through,
I hate to wake up,
Because when I do,
There is no you
You were always lonely and burnt out,
Like a jigsaw puzzle hard to figure out,
Why is it that we end up this way?
Lost and stuck in disarray,
Trying to figure each out each other,
We end up exposed without no cover,
That’s why I need some sleep,
To get back to my dreams,
Where time will always linger,
And I’m wrapped around your finger,
While it’s on the trigger,
Aimed straight at my soul,
I have no control,
So I’m gonna crash now,
Bye Bye Baby I’ll see you,
In a dream so peaceful,
Will you just,
Wake me when it’s over,
This awful shitty love hangover…

Okay so this is my attempt at song writing, had a little inspiration from everywhere and don’t worry folks, I’m not depressed or anything, don’t read too much into it.