Music, makes the people come together. Yeah. Alright you know quoting a Madonna song to start this off might be a bad idea but I don’t want to have to hold the backspace button. To much work! Going to a concert of a band you love, can make you excited but there are some people out there who don’t like big crowds. For those people, we get the young and upcoming bands. The bands of tomorrow. Going to a smoke filled bar and hearing the first beat of the drums, combined with a great guitar riff, mixed in with a lead sing that brings it all together is a recipe of fun at a much cheaper price. This is the first review of those bands. The people you could possibly see being the next big thing. This is the first Crank Dat to 11. There are three things we look for in the bands performance 1. Song Selection. 2. Band Talent. 3 Entertainment Value. The rating for how well the band in review did will be like the dial on an amp. 11 for DAMN, That was the shitz, all the way down to zero for, I should have stayed home and has the shits. Simple as that. The first band to be reviewed is……. 3 Minute Genius.

3 Minute Genius is based out of Jonesboro, Arkansas and it says they plays rock and pop. Honestly, these guys can play any genre on any given night. They didn’t deem themselves the human jukebox band for nothing. As soon as they start to play a song, you can immediately recognize what it is. Name me a band that can play Lady Gaga in a redneck bar and get away with it? I can. Just for that alone their score will be a 7 or higher. If you were a child of the 90s and the early 2000s, they will remind you of your high school days by playing Green Day, Weezer, and Fountains of Wayne.  If you were an 80s kid , how’s a little Cheap Trick and The King Of Pop, Michael Jackson. If you are a rocker, Puddle of Mudd or Buckcherry, suit you. They are the band for anyone and I praise them on that. That is really hard to do for being a midwest band in a country music area.

Band Talent: 3 Minute Genius is a 3 piece band. Drums, Guitar, And Keyboard. Let’s start with Charles Jones on drums. When, I first walked in and saw an electric drum set, I had my reservations. I love being wrong. That man knows how to use those sticks. I have seen a lot of bands play in Arkansas since I moved here but 3 Minute Genius has one of the best guitar players I have seen period. Jay Shepard makes that guitar his bitch and it makes perfect music. Finally, Shane Chastain on Keyboards and lead vocalist. I again just didn’t know how the keyboard was gonna sound. Being a rock music fan myself, keyboard doesn’t really do it for me. It’s hard to prove me wrong once in a day. This band did it twice in less than 3 minutes.  Tickle the keys sounds so dirty but it also seems appropriate. Using a keyboard in rock songs in place of the bass really works well.

Finally, Entertainment value. Bands that play the bar and club scene are only able to do one genre, with a couple of different singers. Shane is great on pop and rap kinda music. .Jay is the rock singer of the band. They can also play to the crowd amazingly well. Things that lack in the bar and club scene is the act interacting with the crowd. These guys, dare I say it? When the three of them are together, they have the it factor. Just don’t steal the drummers hat.

Final Decision. If you find out they are close to you, go and check them out. You will not be disappointed at all. The most entertaining night from a band, I have had in a long long time. I give 3 Minute Genius a crank of 9.

If you would like to know more on 3 Minute Genius and where they are playing, Check out their Myspace page 3 Minute Genius