Being a very lonely man, it gives me a chance to search out the all the sexiest woman in movies, tv, music, sports and every ones favorite genre other. This is one of the main features here on The Buzz Kill Blog mainly because who doesn’t love a very sexy woman. Women reading this, don’t lie to yourselves, you guys appreciate beauty too. Plus, you know you would have a lesbian experience with some of our hotties. At least in my mind that is how it works! I was sitting here bored and not feeling well after getting my ass chewed and being anally probed by my doctor, when I decided to turn on the tele. After an extensive search, I land on ABC Family. What happens to be on this channel of really crappy teen dramas? One of the best shows FOX has ever produced. That 70s Show! I see that dumbass Kelso with the girl of every man’s and some women’s dreams. Boom, Like sand through the hour glass, I need to induct Jackie in the Hall. So without any further due the next induction into the Hall of Hotties is:

Mila Kunis

I love being a nerd. I can fall in love with her and there won’t be a problem. It’s almost that if you do not like her, you can’t be a part of The Nerd Nation. She was born in the Ukraine. That just adds to the hott factor. Anytime a female is born in a different country their stock rises automatically. She got her start on the Fox show That 70s Show . The show ran 8 seasons. That means we were blessed for 8 years seeing this sex kitten on our televisions. I feel like that is ok for me to say. She was only 14 when the show began and I would have been 14 or 15. She lied to the casting directors saying that she will be 18 soon. At least it wasn’t an NBC show or she would have been fucked. I would never want to have say, I will pretend you said 18 in front of Chris Hansen. Mila supplies the voice for Meg Griffin on Family Guy. That means in a round about way we have inducted Lois and Meg!!! I would let her feed me a hair pie and tie me up in a hotel room showing her love for me. Was that a little much? She is also known for her role in the hit comedy Forgetting Sarah Marshall. This movie gives me hope that I can actually land her. She falls for the sweet lovable loser who is writer and composer. Mila, I am a writer and I am working on a book called Lonely and Jealous: The Story of My Left Hand. She is recently single. Her and the Creepy Home Alone Kid finally took the train to splitsville. So hell yeah. I am waiting to meet you Mila. i know you fall in love with me quicker than Lindsay Lohan on a line of coke. We would like to welcome to Mila Kunis into the Hall Of Hottie. Mila if you read this, Let’s do the Hustle if you know what I mean and I think you do!