We have to eat but sometimes we don’t have the time to go to a restaurant that we can sit down at and enjoy our meal. This is why by the grace of god and Ray Kroc that fast food took over the American way of eating. Many news networks might blame fast food for country becoming fat, well I want to be the first person to blame the news networks. You are asking yourself, why would he do that? They made us eat more by getting us depressed. I know I am a depressed eater. Thank you FOX News for making our country fat. Now that I have taken care of that little problem back to the story. I was sitting down to some Sonic last night and started thinking. What would be the ultimate fast food meal? If you could take pieces from each fast food establishment and make the best meal possible. However, with the best there must be a worst. And we will do that one too. I will only be using the main staples of Fast Food, due to the fact that I live in an area with different places.
This is a no brainer for me. Something about a red headed little girl and square patties, that make me think burgers and gingers. I am going with Wendy’s! Hell Yeah. Can you get a juicer burger from any fast food establishment? I think the answer is a big, NO. Every time I order a burger from there, I know I am gonna get messy. And that is how I like my meat. Hot, Messy and Juicy. That sounded a little dirty didn’t it. Well, it should, there burgers almost give me a foodgasam. Do you know why their patties are square? Dave Thomas said that he didn’t want to cut corners.
The 4th of July is a holiday that we are able to be with our families. We can light stuff on fire and blow up small action figures. A main part is getting out the Bar B Que and grilling up some burgers. I love that taste but only few times a year is good. That fact alone is why I am choosing Hardee’s. I love Hardee’s burgers but damn it they taste like the burgers you eat on the 4th. They are overly expensive as well for fast food. I hate going in their with two people and almost dropping 20 bucks on two orders. I am ok for doing that in a sit down place but fast food, Oh Hells to the mother fucking No!
I know many of us have seen Super Size Me and that McDonald’s fries look the same after 6 months that they do after one day. However, there is something about those fries if you get them when they are fresh and really hot. Holy Shit balls. They are amazing. The perfect amount of salt. They are one of the only fast food fries, I am able to eat without ketchup or as they say in Canada catsup.
This pains me to say it. I have to go with Sonic. If you are ordering tater tots or their onion rings, you will have a wonderful meal. However their fries are about as pale in color as Conan O Brien. They aren’t crispy. They are just kind there. I want to compare Sonic’s fries to that kid that would sit in your class and be quiet. They wouldn’t help a conversation but they wouldn’t hurt it either. However, isn’t like almost hitting the lottery when you find a french fry in your Tater tots.
Their will always be a place in my heart for the runner up. The Spicy Chicken Sandwich from Wendy’s. A few months ago I tried a new chicken sandwich and my god was it amazing. I think any sandwich that doesn’t use bread and is still called a sandwich should be the best on this list. The KFC Double Down. Two Chicken breast, Bacon, Sauce and cheese. You had me at chicken but throwing in bacon is a heart attack of happiness. This “sandwich” is really good.
Burger King. I used to think these were really good but the quality dropped in them severely over the last few years. Does any remember the Italian Chicken Sandwich. Tasted like complete poo. If poo was chicken and covered in Parmesan Cheese. I mean Burger Kind Does do some good food here and there. All in all they are the worst fast food restaurant in general. This sandwich also always looks horrible after being put together. Maybe I am just nitpicking.
The next two categories, will not have a worst. Reason being, You cant fuck up drinks or a premade dessert.
This is simple. I know many of you think I am going to go with a blizzard from Dairy Queen or something from Sonic. Well, your all wrong. I am choosing Cinna Twists from my personal favorite place with a drive thru, Taco Bell. They are fried rotini pasta covered in cinnamon. Can life get any better I submit that it can not.
The bar………….Ok, You aren’t supposed to be drinking and driving. Unless it makes you a better driver. Justin! Where else can you get a Route 44 any combination drink you want on the planet. Damn Skippy. Sonic! There drinks are amazing. If you feel adventuress try a Chocolate Dr. Pepper. Surprisingly, it’s really good. The official Sonic drink of this Blog however is an Orange Cream Slush.
The Ultimate fast food Meal
Wendy’s Burger
Mcdonald’s Fries
KFC Double Down
Cinna Twist
Sonic Drink
If any of you actually choose to go on this mission sometime please let us know and send us pics of your epic journey.