Sorry about the long delay between posts. I have had my ass going to the doctors. I love being touched by men with the coldest hands in the world. I have also welcomed an old foe back into my life. The dreaded scalawag, Writer’s Block. I was thinking that we need to get this weekend started off with a little dance music. I mean, we need to rip this mutha UP!!!! We haven’t had much from the rap community in the Retro Music Video. My reason, ever heard the phrase White Men Can’t Jump? That also applies to White Men can’t dance. My knowledge of rap music is about as good as knowing where the clitoris is. We do take requests! I remember the year 2001 like it was a decade ago. One of the biggest artists at the time was Nelly. Herrrrreee he is with his biggest hit from 01, Ride Wit Me