It’s your favorite trash talking, foul mouthed cartoon character. My name is Stick Figure ( I met a girl in chemistry class. I got her to bend over to show me that ass. She noticed how sexy I was and got the itch, I took her back to my place and gave her a cum sandwich.) Dan. I haven’t been on here for a while. I was on vacation. I noticed that every other writer has been too. Maybe I got my wish about Whitney at least. There is a television product just for her. It is called the clapper. Clap On but she can’t clap it off. I have to get something off my chest. Is it just me or does Richard look like a 70’s gay porn star or a really obese Scott Baio. It’s a little of both. I decided to take his thunder, and do a retro video myself. I met a woman while on vacation. I boned her till she couldn’t walk for days. Who was she you ask with anticipation? The one Miss Daphne Blake. Something about a woman in a purple dress with matching tights, get this stick figure to grow a branch if you know what I mean. We met in our tour of London. She was sitting there crying. I approached her. After a few hours of talking and a couple of Roofies later, We went back to my room. Unlike the Main Man at this blog. I can actually have sex with a woman. She isn’t imaginary. Let me tell you something about Fat Fuck Chuck. He has female names for his left and right hand. I am not gonna tell you what they are. Just message him at He is the biggest loser on the planet. Back to what is important in this, me. Relationships are only real if they are Facebook official, and we are. Each night when she would tie me up and spank me with Belgium Waffles, We had one song that we listened to over and over. This song puts me in the mood for some Fucking, plus it’s by my favorite band STYX. Here is your freaking Retro Video. Mr. Roboto

Figure It Out