I want to congratulate the Auburn Tigers on winning the BCS Game last night against the Oregon Ducks. However, I refuse to call them champions. They might have won the Title game but I honestly don’t think that a season can end with two unbeaten teams. If the NCAA was smart they would completely lose this asinine system of computer rankings to choose the two teams that play in the so called biggest game of the year. How can you call yourselves champions when the number two team in the nation is undefeated. TCU beat in a very good game a good Wisconsin team. Why aren’t they being looked as co champs. Maybe I am looking at this from a jaded point of view but isn’t the point of sports to see who is the best team at the end of it all.
Here is a plan I have come up with to replace the BCS title game system. 12 team playoff system. Let us look at it this year and how the season ended.
Your top 4 teams would receive a bye into the next round. Auburn, Oregon, TCU and Stanford would receive that. Here is how the brackets would look.
I love the bowl games. I think they are a staple of college football. They could keep every bowl game in this system. The schools need the bowl money. The main four bowls however would have a huge change them. 1. Get rid of the BCS game entirely. We never really needed it anyway. 2. The 7th place game would be the Orange Bowl. The 5th place game would be the Fiesta Bowl. The 3rd place game be the Sugar Bowl and the National title game be The Rose Bowl! The teams that lost in the quarterfinals would comprise the Orange and Fiesta Bowls, the two losers of the semifinals game would play in the Sugar Bowl.
I think college football needs to take a lesson from college basketball. Tournaments make just as much money as your bowl games if not more.