Hey, there boys and girls! Hope you having a wonderful Wednesday. You can see that I am writing today. That means I didn’t win the Mega Millions. But it’s ok. I have you my lovely readers. I am being really sweet to you aren’t I? There is a reason! The title is a little misleading. This is gonna be The Really Big Bowl of Random 5! This is just gonna be some random thoughts from the deepest corner of my mind about some of the things happening. The thoughts weren’t long enough to be a stand alone blog.

Conspiracy Theorists everywhere unite. It’s the end of the world as we know it. Jesus is coming back. wait a second, is there an iPhone app for telling us if this is true or not. Last week, in the town of Beebe Arkansas, around 5,000 birds just started falling from the sky around midnight. A nightmare for Audubon Society members and one Chicken Little. What caused this? A few people are saying it’s cause the world is going to be ending in 2012. Those damn Mayan’s. If only they were able to log on to Education Connection, they would have been able to figure out how to count past 2012.  I just want to say, for the record,We will see you in 2013! Another crack pot said it was cause of fireworks going off and it startled the birds. Seriously, if that was the case, We would be eating Turkey on July 4th instead of Thanksgiving. My opinion is simple. The birds were in a cult. They drank some Kool-Aid and had a mass suicide. Simple as that. My other theory is a witch doctor wanted to bake some black birds in a pie and went over kill on the spell.

Speaking of things being dropped in Arkansas, Did anyone catch the Sugar Bowl? How many catches can you drop before being Diagnosed with the Braylon Edwards? I bet there were young receivers across the country that yelled and had a good laugh at the Arkansas core of ball droppers! And losing to a coach that wears nothing but sweater vests can’t help the pride either. That is a swift kick in the nuts. I have to say this with the up most respect to Arkansas and Ohio State fans. You have two very overrated QBs. Ryan Mallett can not handle the pressure of the 2:00 minute drill. He gets close and blows it. That sounded dirty.  Terrelle Pryor is a poor man’s Vince Young. He has the accuracy of Stevie Wonder playing darts. I am wondering when Pryor’s Sugar Bowl ring will go up for bid on Ebay?

I think many of you have seen the viral the video of the homeless man with the amazing voice! He was on the early show this morning saying that he has been offered numerous jobs, one of them being his dream job. Working for the Cleveland Cavaliers. I have to give this man all the respect in the world. To have nothing and still wanting and fighting to live his dream is admirable quality missing in many people today.

I said this in yesterdays blog. Is it weird that I can turned on more watching a cooking show than a porn. Let me elaborate for you. Flipping through the channels one night and turned on the cooking channel. The show that was on there was called Bitchin Kitchen with Nadia G.  Her accent is awful but damn she is hot as hell. She is one of those women you gag with a ball or in her case an apple. She will be inducted into the Hall Of Hotties very very soon. She is right up there with the love of my life Rachael Ray!!!!! Again cooking shows make me hungry and have boners who knew!

If I were a stripper, the song I would choose to dance to is either Pour Some Sugar On Me, or the theme to Happy Days.

That’s a Show Stopper!