I have been able to spend more time in front of television lately. What a good sickness won’t do to you! Doesn’t mean I am actually watching any thing of substance. You know me better than that. I mean honestly can you see me watching PBS. I mean during the day. Really? Not the greatest quality of television. In all honesty, my television stays on Nickelodeon so I can watch iCarly and hope the cursing episode of Spongebob comes on. Don’t judge me. I can watch anything just like you but I choose to watch better stuff than you. Just kidding but seriously. I was trying to find something on at 2 in the afternoon. I started to return to a much simpler time in my life.
I was a strange kid in my television viewing habits. It would explain a lot now too. I was never huge on actual kids shows. Screw that. If I wanted to learn how to be a better reader, turn it to the weather channel for the local forecast on the 8s. I thought high school was gonna be like Saved by the Bell. That thought changed when I got to the 6th grade. A little advice to all of you. Don’t believe everything you see on tv.
My main viewing experience however started at 9 AM and ran till 3 PM. I think this is a lost art form in television today. What about reality where there is a winner and a loser. No script. Just a man or woman standing behind a podium, spinning a wheel, or playing a pricing game. The Game Show. I know there is a network dedicated to them. However, they have turned to more reality programming. I thought reality shows were just gonna be a fad. When are game shows coming back?
I think the classics are burned into our society and our minds. If you hear someone say Survey Says, Number 1 Answer. You think of Family Feud. I mean how many shows can bring a family together to kick another families arse? Not many. “Come On Down.” Price is Right. My best friend at the time would call me. I think I might have been 7. Just to discuss that days Price is Right. That call would happen a lot sooner if Plinko was played. “NO WHAMMIES” Press Your Luck. My personal favorite and would make a kid with A.D.D. very happy. More recently, Have you been asked a question and said “Can I Use A Lifeline?” Who Wants To Be a Millionaire? I got in trouble for wanting to watch Double Dare and Supermarket Sweep Everyday. Game Shows were my childhood and I could watch them with my parents. I had some great times.
We love game shows. I know some of you are saying, I hate those things. I have this feeling that you have watched them and enjoyed them. I think the kids are calling that a guilty pleasure. It would be kinda like a 26 year old man admitting he watches iCarly in a blog talking about game shows are awesome. So next time you are thinking about sitting down with you family to watch some television, watch a game show. Think about how much fun you will have when your kids try to answer the question before you. As long as there are questions being asked, or cars to give away, there will always be something on.