Over the weekend, I was listening to the radio a ton. I have noticed a huge problem with main stream radio stations. They play the same songs every hour. I mean seriously, I know all the words to the new Britney Spears song and that makes me a very sad panda bear. Why do you think we go out of our way, to find music that isn’t Britney and Justin Bieber. That is why we go out to bars and clubs to listen to new artists. We are ready to see the next big thing in music. This is why The Buzz Kill blog started Crank It To 11. We are reviewing the bands and artists that are the future. The scoring scale is based on, 1. Song Selection 2. Artist Talent and finally 3.Entertainment Value. The overall score is based on the numbers on an amp. 11 is ( Holy Poo Balls, get off your butt now and find out where this band and artist is playing. Buy tickets and go there now to stand outside.) 1 meaning, ( Paint Drying in the middle of winter on a damp day is more entertaining.)

This edition of Crank It To 11 features artist Ben Brand.

1. Song Selection: Ben plays a variety of country and classic rock songs. A perfect fit for the Arkansas native. Folsom Prison Blues to Harper Valley P.T.A. to even some Prince. (I didn’t know anyone could sing Prince that well.) He picks out the songs that make your toes start tapping and and then makes you wanna move your feet. If anything, you need to go to here his original tunes. The could be on any radio station in the country and be hits.

2. Artist Talent: Ben is a triple threat. He has tremendous voice. I honestly believe this man can sing anything and make it sound good. Again, I go back to the Prince song he broke out. Ben also is a songwriter and a good one at that. I look at music that is popular at the moment. It takes talent to make a meaningful song. I think very soon we will be hearing some of his songs coming through our car stereos. Finally, Ben is one very talented axe player.

3. Entertainment Value: Each artist we watch, brings something different to the table. The thing with a concert is that we need to be sucked in as a concert goer. We want to be sucked in and forget the troubles of everyday life. Friday night at The Brickhouse Grill in Jonesboro, We forgot everything. We were pulled in by the music. Ben Brand has a quality about him that is lost in today’s music. I think it’s harder to perform in an intimate setting. He is an artist for the fans.

Ben is the ultimate performer. One of the best I have seen in years. I would go out of my way to see him rock the stage anywhere across the country. I am giving Ben Brand a 10 out of an 11

If you are looking for some great music, and to be taken away from the problems of everyday life for a couple of hours, visit Ben’s Myspace page for upcoming show dates click the link, Ben Brand