Since beginning of time, the internet has been used you for two things. 1. Porn. The main reason that many of us use the internet. Who doesn’t love porn? You may not admit it but you do. 2 Funny Videos. When man invented the camera, little did he know that it would be used to show our humiliations on the world wide web. Getting hit in the nuts, falling down at the worst possible time or even worse, has made life more enjoyable. The Funny Ass Video was born.

The Lonely Island Boys, a musical group that makes some funny music videos. There biggest hit, Lazy Sunday, became a internet smash. Since then every song they have made has been catch and will make you laugh. There new video is no different. The new song is featuring pop sensation Nicki Minaj. This song is about  the type of guys, that has to introduce themselves to the entire neighborhood before Halloween. Here is The Creep!

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