Two words ladies (and some of you guys, I guess)…Anthony Kiedis. Who, you say? For shame and woe betide those who have not observed the raw sex appeal of today’s inductee into the Hall of Hunks. Or, as Richard says, “Have you been living under a rock?” For those of you who know who he is, congrats on good taste. As for the rest of you deprived folks, consult the pics to the left. You’re welcome… As the front man for the punky, funky Red Hot Chili Peppers, Kiedis has been giving it away in grand style for three decades. Of course, I am old, so my favorite incarnation comes from around the time of BloodSugarSexMagik…long hair, tattoos, heroin addiction…aahhh, the classic bad boy. Sigh… However, for you younger folks, the Chili Peppers are still around and the older Mr. Kiedis is still looking pretty spiffy, even though the hair is not as long, the tattoos, killer body, sexy crooked tooth and wild style can still be found. It is too bad the guys no longer perform wearing only socks…and they weren’t on their feet! So, if you love sweet bad boys, musicians and/or lost causes, check out Kiedis’ autobiography, Scar Tissue, for an inside look at the workings of one of the sexiest. Anthony Kiedis, we salute you with the honor of a place in the Buzz Kill’s Hall of Hunks.