Last night was the event all of America was looking forward to for the last two weeks. Puppy Bowl VII and it kicked all kinds of kitty butt. In all honesty, most of us spent last night watching the biggest game of the year. Super Bowl 45. It doesn’t matter whether you were a Steelers fan or a Packers fan, we got treated to a great game. It was awesome to see the Packers win, however. I feel like other than the game, this Super Bowl was awful in the entertainment value.

We shall start with Christina Aguilera. The pop princess that started out on the Mickey Mouse Club, was picked out of people who were relevant in 2002 to sing this years National Anthem. We knew she had pipes but what we didn’t know is that she has the memory of Dory the fish in Finding Nemo. How do you completely forget a line to out National Anthem? That would be like me going to the store to buy Milk and forget FUCKING MILK. Not to get out of my fish theme, What in the hell happened to her face? She looked like Mrs. Puff from Spongebob. All I have to say to everyone was, calm down it was the National Anthem Remix. The only thing missing was Timbaland.

The halftime show. God’s cruel gift to us football fans. The only good thing I can say about it is that at least The Black Eyed Peas are relevant. Now, on to the bad. What in the hell was Will I Am wearing on his head and where can I get one? Come on EBAY!!!!! I was excited to see Slash. Things quickly changed when Fergie, tried channel her inner Axel Rose. She butchered Sweet Child of Mine. She sounded like a weasel in a wood chipper. Half of the lights didn’t work. This goes down right up there with all the other halftime shows. Shitty. Please for the love of all things holy, find someone who has talent please! I also want to add that I am pissed they didn’t do My Humps

The ads felt like they suffered this year as well. Bud Light, wasn’t even a player. But here is my top three.
In the 3rd spot. Doritos with the Best Till last spot

In 2nd place Pepsi Max. This ad was really funny and I could see something like this happening to me with the next girl I get in a relationship with.

And in 1st place,, this ad had me laughing so hard that I almost choked on a lil weenie. Get your head out of the gutters. A lil smokie.

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