Let me tell you something, Hanging out with people who discuss their sex life can make things very interesting. Take this morning for an example. There I am sitting in the living room, watching the Rachael Ray Show waiting to see what she looked like in a Dancing with the Stars dress. All of a sudden, The Murph, (Read all about him in The Drunk Files.) shows up at the door. He is coming by to do laundry. Everyone needs cleans clothes, even the drunk man. He looks at me and says wanna hear about my night. There is only so much one man can hear about a woman, Cocoa Butter and Butt Sex before they start to fall of the wagon or wanna try it themselves. I had to get out of there in an instant. Then all of a sudden, my sister called. She asked me to help her out a little today. Thank you, Jesus. Somewhere out there, there is a two year old freaking out cause I said Jesus. Ok back to the story. My sister and I are talking in her kitchen. We are talking about the problems that Egypt is having, then our economy was next. The middle of this conversation was not just taken off road but it took a few trees and a white picket fence with it. No ONE! I mean no one ever wants to hear their sister talk about sexting. I feel like I need to go to a Catholic Church and repent for the things, I have been told today. I guess I am gonna have to tell the story of a Gummi Bear, my left hand, and a basketball. I feel like with all these stories floating around about sex today, there is only one song perfect for a Retro Video today. We take our time machine back to 1991. Here is the Salt & Pepa hit, Let’s Talk About Sex!