Before I start with this all new Retro Music Video, I have a question to anyone that can answer it. I have some cheese slices in my refrigerator. I think they have been there since mid December. I forgot all about them till today. Do these blasted things have an expiration date?  If you do not see any new blogs for awhile blame the cheese. If anyone can answer please let me know.

Speaking of good things going horribly bad, Let us get to today’s Retro Video. In the years of 1999 and 2000, bubble gum pop ruled the air waves. You could have been listening to a boy band, a pop princess, or the A*Teens. I will take Pop Princess for $300, Alex. The answer is, This Diva forgot the lyrics to The Star Spangled Banner. She also had her lips planted on Disney’s ass, while she was a Mouseketeer. If you rub her the right way, she will magically grant you 3 wishes. BUZZ. Who is Justin Timberlake? Ummm No. The question is Who is Christina Aguilera? After, the Super Bowl and making fun of her yesterday, I kinda feel bad for all the negative press she is getting. So let’s travel back to the year 2000, and watch her sing a song that she still knows the words to. Here is the National Anthem for babysitters, when the parents of the kid have left and the child is passed out cause of a dose of Nyquil you have given them. Here is, Come On Over