Doc, Set the time machine for 1998. What a great year!? ( Please hint the sarcasm) Bill Clinton was telling the United States that he didn’t have sex with that intern. Look, If I would have had sex with Monica, I would have denied, denied, denied. I can’t be pissed at Bill there. Have you seen Hillary? I would have done the same thing. Not the best decision made by the President, on the flip side not the worst either.   In 1998 the FDA approved a drug to help out men who can’t keep it up. Good ole Viagra. The little blue pill has been helping men get it up. The drug before 1998 that helped me keep that moment going, Tequila. It was a big year in entertainment. Celine Dion told the world her heart would go on, and then ruin the AC/DC song Shook Me All Night Long. I am still pissed off at VH1 for that shit.  The Spice Girls told to us to have GIRL POWER! I think that is kinda hard when you have a penis. You can dress like a woman, but you still will not have the power. However, there was one artists song that summed up the entire year. Today’s Retro Vid features a man who was banging one of Cosby’s kids. Lenny Kravitz, had some huge hits in the late 90s. This one was no exception. Here is the 98 smash hit, Fly Away