A Long long time ago, in a galaxy about half the distance to where we are now but not quite half. You know where I am talking about. That little gas station that you say is half way but the other person is gonna have to travel farther because there isn’t a real half way point. Yeah, right freakin there. Rock music was looking for a new lover. Nothing special. Just your every once and awhile kind a thing. Rock music was looking for a fuck buddy. All of sudden, this PYT ( Pretty young Thing. I know some of you went HUH!) she had a bootay on her that made Jennifer Lopez go DAMN! We will call her rap music. This alliance began and produced some of music’s biggest names Kid Rock and Linkin Park just to name a couple. However, with each relationship there are a few downfalls. This relationship was no different.  This edition of Retro Video, features the down side of this unholy union. In 1999, the bastard child reared his ugly head from the bottoms of music hell. His name will strike fear in the hearts of absolutely no one. Fred Durst. Have you seen him now, he looks like someone’s grandpa. He is a good year away from being a greeter at Wal-Mart. His music did strike with the masses, and sadly that includes myself. I have righted my ways now. I guess you can honestly say I did this Retro Video all for the Nookie, and you can take that cookie and stick it up your. On a side note, Fred Durst was no Maya Angelou