Hey there boys and girls! Sorry about the hiatus, I was trying to recover from the awesome Little Rock weekend. The stories I have from this trip are awesome. However, I have to start with a whole different topic. The wonderful Season 12 cast of Dancing With the Stars. Is there anyone, and I do mean anyone that seems like the country could give two shits and a peanut about. You know it’s sad when the favorites are Wendi Williams. How you doin? She has the ass to win this competition I am telling you that. The other favorite has to be pro wrestler Chris Jericho. Which leads us into today’s Retro Music Video. Jericho is lead man for a rock group called Fozzy. A very underrated Rock band in my opinion, but back in the mid 80s Wrestling and the world of pop and rock music joined forces.  In the Fabulous Moolah’s corner it was the old salty sea dog Cap’n Lou Albano. In the other corner the young challenger Wendi Richter. She needed to find a really good person to be in her corner. Did she EVER. She found 80s music sensation Cyndi Lauper. Lauper interfered on Richters behalf, giving Richter the woman’s title.  Why do I know this you ask, cause when your kid pro wrestling is the shit. I do all that cause the tie in between wrestling and the main stream is still important to this day. Here is 1983 hit by Cyndi Lauper, the anthem for every teenage girl every where, Girls Just Want To have Fun