A week ago I was asked by some family to help clean out a storage unit for a yard sale. I have learned that when you go through someones stuff, that they may or may not remember the embarrassing stuff they had as a kid. Well, it started out like any other cleaning job of a storage unit. I see spider webs and almost piss myself. We move table after table, box after box. We come across a box cassettes. Oh to let you know, a lot of the stuff in this storage unit belonged to fellow Buzz Kill Blog writer Danielle. I might get bitched slapped for telling this. My nephew and I opened the box to find one of the most prized cassettes in music history. This album changed the way music has been looked at since 1989.

To The Extreme by  Vanilla Ice. Who in the right mind actually listened to this whole cassette. I know one person. I bet she wanted to find out if the truth. You know what they say about white rappers and bad hair styles? They have short careers. Who want cook emcees like a pound of bacon? Damn it that made me hungry. That is why it is only appropriate that today’s retro video be ICE ICE BABY. Yo VIP and Danielle let’s kick it.