Music picks us up when we are down. It lifts our souls and helps us feel more like us. The problem with some some music is that it keeps getting played over and over and over and over. Every time I turn on the radio, I feel like I am in the movie Groundhog’s Day with Bill Murray. This is why on the weekends, I like to go out and hear the new music scene. The stuff you won’t hear every hour on the hour because Lady Gaga can only be heard so much. Unless, you are holding rave sticks and tripping balls. I think then it is only acceptable. This is an all new Crank It To 11 featuring the up and coming bands. The scoring scale is based on three components, song selection, band talent, and entertainment value. The better the band is more we crank dial to 11. The higher the score the more that means you will not be pissed about spending your hard earned money. The closer to zero the score is, the band sucks more than a Las Vegas hooker on the strip.

The Band featured is in this all new Crank It, is Chilly Rose.

1. Song Selection: Most bands that play the local band scene, play a lot of covers. Don’t get me wrong, I love going out and hearing the one drunken man by the end of the night yell FREE BIRD!!! Cause, that guy we know is the life of the party. It’s very difficult to find original music by a local band that will suck you in for the entire show. Guess what? (This is where you the reader say what to your computer and the guy next to you in the coffee shop looks at you funny) I have found that band. Chilly Rose has a very good mix between original and covers. However, the covers are their potatoes and the bands originals songs are the meat. Their songs will make you want more and more.

2. Band Talent: In music a lot today you can hear a recording of an artist and it sound amazing. You when you get toi hear your favorite artist for the first time, the sound like fingernails on a chalk board. (Ashlee Simpson, I am looking at you) My sister introduced me to Chilly Rose by letting me listen to their music on Facebook. They sounded amazing. However, thank you main stream music for putting that fear of bands can;t sound like this live. You know what I love? When main stream music is proven wrong!!! Chilly Rose sounds so crisp in person that you will honestly think you are listening to their album. This is one of the best sounding band I have heard not just since I have been doing this blog but ever. Yes, dare I say ever.  They mesh very well. They sound like a band that has been doing for 30 plus years. The talent in this group is amazing.

Entertainment Value: I am one for a good show and be able to see the band interact with the crowd. I think I have said this in every one of these. You have to make the crowd feel they are part of the show. Chilly Rose knows how to do this. This band has personality and thank god. These 4 guys are some of the most approachable musicians you will meet in your life. They know how keep the crowd up beat. You know why they are there to perform. They do it for the love of the music and it does come across that way.

Chilly Rose, brings a lot of the old school mentality when it comes to bands. Honestly, one of the best bands I have seen in years. I am happy my sister asked me to go cause honestly Chilly Rose is North East Arkansas’s Best Kept Secret. Well, until now since I am telling you. Chilly Rose gets a 10 on the amp.

If you would like to know more on show dates and just to hear their awesome music please go to You will not be disappointed. Their next show is April 9th at Rolling Hills in Pocahontas AR. If you can, go, sit back, relax and get lost in the music