My name is Stick Figure ( when I put my had down a woman’s shirt to give them a little squeeze, they won’t be able to stop yelling please. I love my women shaved not hairy, by the end of the night she will be yelling cum on my fairy) Dan. Guess what Krusty Krew? I am back and better than fucking ever. I will never let a good fat bastard hold me down. Did you read this shit about him being in love. Did it make you want to throw up in your mouth? I am guessing if you did he would get his jollies from just thinking about. This blog needs a big injection of Stick Figure Dan and this is what it will get. I have noticed that there has been a lack of Hotties on this blog for a while, well I say enough is enough. So while Richard is touching him self covered in raw bacon and thinking about an imaginary woman, I am gonna give you a sexy chick.


That is right, The one and only Mud Flap Girl. I have spent a lot of time on vacation in the good ole south. I looked up one day from people hunting and noticed this little beauty. Seeing her brought out my wild side. I bought a huge Dodge pick up truck. I rattle canned it, to turn it into a camo color. Then I put my new bitch everywhere all over it. She is the only woman who is allowed to be dirty in my truck. I know what type of guy I have to be to get her in bed with me. Trucker Hat, Check! Button up shirt and not the dressy kind. I mean the cheesy western looking ones with snap buttons, Check! Can of dip, Check! I am getting me my animated redneck honey tonight. I am inducting the Mud Flap Girl in the hall! If you have a problem with it talk to my friend Bubba.