I am coming from a very serious spot in my life. I feel like life is bringing me down in a way. Today is not a day to be joking. I don’t get why every insists on making fun of me and pulling practical jokes. It is ok, though. I like to take myself to a time that was much easier for me. The early 90s. As a youngster, I didn’t watch many cartoons, what I did watch however was the greatest Saturday morning show in the history of the universe. The Power Rangers, were jokes compared to Saved by the Bell. I was on the phone the other night talking to my best friend. We were talking and something was said the only thing missing was the cheesy out music and a commercial break pumping Zit pads down our throats. Why can’t life be more like Saved by The Bell? You get into problems and within 22 minutes it is all over and life can go back to normal. Yay! So today for our Retro Music Video, We go back to the early 90s and listen to the smash hit sung by one of the best lip syncing bands on planet earth. The Zack Attack. Here is Friends Forever.

“Friends forever” Zack Attack
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On a Side Note Happy April Fools Day