First off a little self Promotion. Tomorrow is a holiday here at The Buzz Kill Blog headquarters. That is right it is 4:20 which mean, we will be celebrating all things weed related. A very special Retro Music Video, Hall Of Hunks, Hall Of Hotties, Funny Ass Video, The top 5 Pot Smoking movies and much much more! It is gonna be on token good time!

Now that we got that out of the way!!!! I was talking to a friend today. We were talking about embarrassing things we did when we were younger. I got to tell the wonderful story about lip syncing the Shania Twain hit, Man, I Feel Like A Woman. One problem, I didn’t even look like Shania, I looked more like a chubby man Cher! It was awful. I didn’t even place but I did get a television out of the deal. Luckily for me the pictures are no where to be found. It is kinda sad to think about. My friend was telling me about dancing to the Rupaul song Supermodel. I started laughing hysterically. We are talking the early 90s. This is how I pictured it going for her. She wears a gold sequin vest. She is looking like a rejected stand in from Kids Incorporated. I am thinking denim shorts. Those horrible socks that when they fall down, they look like a cheaply made hair scrunchy. Today’s Retro Video, is that Rupaul song Supermodel!

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