I am the foodie in my family. I am always looking for new yummy things to try…no love life parallels from you, Richard, thank you very much! Anyway, one discovery that never fails to be loved by anyone I get to try them, Mickle’s Pickles. As a matter of fact, they have infiltrated my family’s psyche to the point that my brother is having dreams about them and just about everyone covets a jar from the case I buy every year from the Mickle’s Pickle man, who, by the way, is the nicest man on the planet I think. But why not, when you are hawking possibly the yummiest creation ever. You really have to taste them to believe them. They are so crunchy and sweet, but even people who don’t like sweet pickles like them! Keep your eyes open at local festivals or go to their website and order some for yourself. Trust me, they are worth it.


I hate pickles. If I order fast food, I order my burgers without pickles. I can’t stand the taste of pickles. Who wants to eat something that is sweet and sour? If that was the case, I would have been the big man on campus in High School! This spring I got coxed into going to a sport show and not the fun sports. This was hunting and fishing stuff. Which if you know me, you just started laughing. I hate the outdoors. I am not getting up early to go sit out and watch for Bambi to shake her tail feather. We are walking around this oasis of lucky Wolf shirts and cammo, then we come to the Mickle’s Pickles booth. Danielle is telling that these are the pickles on the planet. I have my doubts. The Mickle’s Pickles man ask if we have ever tried any? I say no. He gives me a sample of his sweet pickles. I go to put the pickle in my mouth in slow motion. I freeze up. My mouth started doing the twist. These pickles are absolutely the best on the planet. You have to go out of your way to try them. Let me tell you how good they are.  I had a dream a couple of nights ago, That Danielle, a friend of mine, and myself were going to the cheeseburger festival.  Don’t ask. When we pulled up we saw a sign for these pickles. We made a B line straight for the pickle guy. I jumped in line right in front of Danielle and bought the last case that was ever gonna be made. Her eyes looked like they were possessed by a demon from a Scooby Doo episode.She said she was gonna kill me for those pickles. My friend was yelling run Tubby Tubby to me. I woke up. I shouldn’t have ate that lemon cake.  These pickles will cause you to want more and more.

Visit and order yourself a jar of the best pickles on the planet.