I have come to a conclusion. This is a very simple thought. I think everyone will be in agreement with this, if not you live in another country or Alaska. It is hot as balls!!!!!!!!!!! Dear Al Gore, Fuck you and your thoughts on global warming. Here is a few one liners based on the heat just for you. It’s hotter than my last date out here. It’s hotter than a blind man’s tit. It is so damn hot even Satan has kicked on the a/c. Well it is only going to get hotter in this mutha!!! A very pretty girl let me borrow a movie. The movie was Sucker Punch. There are some real sexy women in this movie hands down. If you haven’t seen it you should, especially if you are a lonely man. You will be touching yourself within at least 5 seconds or segundos for our Spanish speaking friends. As I was watching this movie, a certain woman that acted in it caught my eye. Plus women with guns are HOTTTTTTTTTT!!!! Might have also helped I was drooling a little bit. The next induction the Hall Of Hotties is:

Vanessa Hudgens

From innocent to sex kitten over night and that damn Zac Effron is to blame. Vanessa is a 22 year old actress that burst on to scene in the wholesome High School Musical. She would sing and the only thing I could think about is how much she would tickle my treble clef. They went on to make 3 movies in that franchise, giving wonderful tweens a false hope that in high school people would bust out into random song. This is the same effect that Saved by the Bell had on my generation. I remember how many times I would say time out and no one would freeze. My whole reasoning for wanting that to happen was so I can walk in the women’s bathroom. Soon after the third movie, a few naked pictures of Miss Hudgens leaked on the internet. Zac Effron, you are one lucky bastard for tapping that. Do you know how many men would divorce their wife for a naked text message from her. Her next movie, was Band Slam. Do i even have to make a dirty comment with a movie title like that. Lastly, she was in Beastly. That movie gives me hope that a sexy woman will find me attractive. We here at The Buzz Kill Blog would like to welcome Vanessa Hudgens into the Hall Of Hotties. Vanessa if you somehow get a chance to read this, i would love to do a duet with you however the video would be leaked online and we would naked rolled around in fondue.

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