I need to get my horrible movie soundtrack on today. I just recently saw the preview for the remake or I guess reboot of Footloose. Seriously how many of the “classics” ( I use that term loosely cause it has Kevin Bacon.) is Hollywood gonna keep making. Here is what I hope for, I want a remake for the following movies; The Computer That Wore Tennis Shoes. The main character has to be played by this generations Kirk Cameron and simply put that would be Drake Bell. Why did I choose him you ask? I have no idea but he is closest we will get to a modern day Cameron. I want any of the Pauly Shore movies remade. Please Hollywood, remake those waste of video store shelves. I want most importantly, Jury Duty. And the main should be played by Ben Stiller. Why him, his movies suck now. As I was listening to the soundtrack of Footloose in memorial of a bad movie ruined. Then my iTunes decided to shock me with a movie song that I completely forgot about. Thank God, and My prayers were answered. Anyone else happy that Will Smith doesn’t make music anymore. I can’t listen to Miami now without wanting to punch Snooki in the face. So today’s Retro Music Video comes from a movie released in 1999 with a really big spider and a train. Here is the most gangsta rapper ever, Will Smith. We here at The Buzz Kill Blog want to take you into The Wild Wild West.

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