The holiday season is starting to kick in the full swing. We see the hottest toys being advertised and wal mart rocking the fact lay away is back. People that live in trailer parks will rejoice. I would say it’s like Christmas for them but it is Christmas. However, the before decking the halls and jingling balls, there comes Thanksgiving. We sit around the table and talk about things we are thankful for. Well, I thought i would share some things I am thankful for. I am thankful for this rainy weather that we are having. I am thankful for Chef Boyardee, without him, I wouldn’t be the man that I am today. Finally, I am thankful for two people meeting, Getting it on, while listening to the doobie brothers and the who, and creating  one sexy lady. That means one thing and one thing only. A new induction into the Hall of Hotties. I am a huge fan of the History channel. This hottie was a simple PICK for me.

Danielle Colby Cushman    

Danielle, is the office worker for Antique Archaeology. She is the glue that keeps it all together. She is one who follows up on leads, so  Mike and Frank can pick some very awesome items. However, she is more than just an office worker who makes phone calls and gets leads. If you are a fan of violence or wanting a girl to protect you, she can kick all kinds of ass. She is a roller derby queen. I wouldn’t want to make this girl mad or she take it track. Guess what? This mother of three isn’t done just yet. She performs in a burlesque show as well. She is a modern day pinup girl. But Wait!!! There is more. She is also a designer. This girl can do it all and then some. I have to throw in a little statement, her tattoos are damn right smoking hott. Everything, she does, her sexiness, and the fact she is just plain awesome, We welcome Danielle into the Hall of Hotties. Miss Cushman if you read this, please come and pick my lead =D