I have come to terms with two things. 1. I am the sexiest man with love chunks on the planet and 2. I am a giant nerd. I have no doubts on this. I do not participate in no shave no November. Do i seriously come across as someone will get up at the ass crack of dawn and go sit in a tree for hours? I have better things to do with my time, like sleep, crochet, and watch Animal Planet. I don’t know a damn thing about cars. I know how to change a tire and call a tow truck though. I do believe that is a plus. However, you ask me about an actor or a video game, a tv show, and in some instances porn, i can tell you everything. I am so in depth I can tell you what Kevin Bacon had for breakfast. I am proud of my nerdom. It is part of who I am. That is why today, I felt after having a conversation on who could take over the four main characters in a new Ghostbusters movie, and then, how good the new Crow movie will be. I thought this song is just down right perfect. I love video games, but how often do you walk into game stop and see a hot girl. I know how I would feel. I would give them my code and try to get her on my friend list. We could kill some zombies, and try save a princess. Here is Perry Gripp from Nerf Herder with Girl at The Video Game Store. Starring Hall of Hottie member Olivia Munn!!!

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