Two years ago I moved to Arkansas to find treasures hidden by past and present Arkansans. The town is Jonesboro Arkansas. I have succeeded in all my adventures. I found the former location of the Hotel Nobel. A hotel that had a very violent suicide in it’s past. The former Red Light district where the nightlife of Jtown was much different than what it is now. My remote that was hiding under my couch. The history of this town is shaded in a cloud of mystery and deceit. It has been adventure finding such artifacts and history of Jonesboro. However, with that being said there is one thing that has eluded me so far in my journeys. That item is the one KAIT 8 Weather Deck. Why does this bother me so much? Cause, no one has showed me proof of it’s existence. We have seen this wooden structure each night on the local news but no one has really seen this structure.

My search for the weather deck started over 72 hours ago. It was a cold night in the town of Jonesboro. My group of researchers were trying to figure out our next mission. We decided that the best idea would be to get our parade on. Our ages might be in older in years but who doesn’t love tackling a little kid for a tootsie roll. Each float and marching band goes by one by one. We are smiling laughing and having a good time. A Jonesboroian, who will remain nameless, started talking to us about the secrets of our town. This person told us that every night he watches the Kait 8 News and realizes that he has never seen the weather deck. We looked at each other kinda like a puppy looking in a mirror. We decided to make our next mission to find the weather deck. The groups comes out of our huddle. We looked at the street and to our amazement there was Kait 8 Stormtracker vehicle pulling behind what we believed what was the Weather Deck!!!

We were very excited to see our favorite personalities in the deck waving at us and lifting our Christmas spirit. That night we turned on a Tivo episode of the news from March 23rd 2011. We like to play a game. Each time the number 8 is said we start singing 8 Days A Week by The Beatles. During this broadcast we came to a shocking discovery. The weather deck used on the news isn’t the same weather deck that was used in parade. KAIT 8 pulled the wool over our eyes. It was a move of debauchery.

Tonight I was patrolling Google looking for information on the Weather Deck. The finding was very miniscule. Our door on truly finding the Weather Deck was shutting and fast. The budget of 12 dollars, an Arizona Mucho Mango, and a half eaten honey bun in Chevy Pick up. I am writer don’t judge me. We came across something. The first true finding in the hunt for the deck!!!! I came across a blog written by Kait 8 Weather man Ryan Vaughn. This is the only “TRUE” photo of the weather deck. 

This is what the weather might look like if it was real. I have a lot of problems with this photo taken. First notice in top right corner there is a bull horn. Now if this was the real weather deck why would there a bull horn. The people that do the weather have ear pieces in so they can hear their producer. That leads me to believe that the deck is one of three locations and not where it is supposed to be. The first location, a military base in the country of Germany. That would explain the bullhorn. The second option is at a really poor high school football field it is the teams press box. The third and final option and what I am leaning towards is that is it is a sound studio in Arizona. The same sound studio that the moon landing hoax was staged in. If you would like to read Ryan Vaughn’s “true” take on the existence on the weather deck, here is the link. The Weather Deck According To Ryan Vaughn.

The Moon Landing, The Kennedy Assassination, The Holy Grail, A Good Pauly Shore Movie, Area 51 and now the KAIT Weather Deck. I swear to you my faithful readers that I will find the truth and bring it to you as a good journalist would. This is my new life mission, If it is the last thing I do, I will find the truth and prove it’s existence. I have my Indiana Jones satchel ready to go.