It’s the HO HO HOLIDAYS!!!! Welcome, to The Buzz Kill Blogs 13 days of Christmas and on the first day of Christmas,We Gave to you, A Rocking Good Time!!! This is my favorite time of the year hand freaking down. From now till Christmas, I will be wearing my red Santa hat. I am a fatty, so maybe I can get a pretty girl to sit on my lap and tell me they have been naughty. A man can hope for a Christmas miracle can’t he? Well, this is the most fun time of the year here.  Every time, I go by a house that is covered in Christmas Lights, I turn into a kid with ADD. I can be mid sentence and talking about something serious and I will just stop what I am doing. I will just stare at the lights. I look like, I am seeing my first pair of boobs again. My favorite light displays are the ones synced with music. You can’t beat seeing a light display that can confuse a small aircraft on where it is landing. I wanted to start this off with a bang and there is not better way then the song used in most of these displays. Here is the greatest Christmas band ever. TRANS MOTHER FUCKING SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA. Let’s rock this party!!!! Wizards Of Winter. Yes PLEASE!!!!