Welcome back kiddos. I was sitting here thinking that we need a retro video. Why, cause damn it, We need to relive glory days. What better way then making a trip back to the 80s. You ask why the 80s, cause one of our writers wanted to remember what it was like to be young again. Yesterday, was Chris Knights 56th Birthday. His biggest dream is to be a greeter at Wal Mart. We were sitting around listening to a certain 80s television stars album. So here we go, what do you need to listen to this video? A suit jacket with the sleeves rolled up, a pair of loafers (No socks of course), and last but not least A black friend who will help fight crime. Black friend can be be replaced by a pot smoking Latino. well today’s video is by the greatest singer to ever drive a boat in Miami in the 80s. Don Johnson. This video is terrible and we are giving it to you for the low price of free. Here is number one hit Heartbeat.


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