Well ladies, it’s been a long time since I’ve made an appearance here at The Buzz Kill, but I am sure you are all glad to see me. Happy Mardi Gras y’all – I was just kicking back, thinking about men with Cajun accents and a very hot candidate for the illustrious Hall of Hunks came to mind! Rene Lenier, the first season True Blood serial killer, played by Michael Raymond-James. Yes, I know he is a terrible person and he would probably kill me or someone I know. Yes, I know the actor who plays him has three first names. Don’t judge me. I know a lot of you folks don’t realize that i have a thing for the bad boy. Yes, it’s true. Bad boys with cajun accents? Does your Clyde need a Bonnie? ‘Cause I am all in, chere. I was a reader of the True Blood series for quite some time before the HBO show came out. I was on book seven or so and I forgot who Rene was. So here I am watching the show and lusting after Rene the whole time. Let me tell you, I was almost as shocked as Arlene when he turned out to be the killer! Good Lord, definitely sounds like my taste in men for sure. And just like all my exes, he keeps coming back… Oh well, I would still love to hear him talk. Let the good times roll y’all…le bon temps roulez…

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