I have always heard that I need to be proud of where I came from. No matter what has happened in your life home is always going to be home. For me, that place would be the small community of El Dorado Springs, MO. I was raised in this little retirement town. I remember having the lock ins in middle school, the high school dances, and driving 20 minutes so we could actually have something to do. We had to make our own fun. I was proud to call that place home until today, thanks to El Dorado Springs’ newspaper, The Sun.
Little over a week ago, tragedy struck my little home town. A 15 year old male passed away due to injuries from a wreck. Gravel is not the easiest surface to drive on and it is easy to lose control of your vehicle. No one is to blame for any of this. God was ready to bring this young man home so he can play football in the heavens. It is never easy when a loss occurs and especially when it’s someone so young. I can not imagine the hurt and pain his friends and his family are feeling at this time. My condolence go out to the Barger family. Keep doing what you do for the community and don’t let him get to you.
However, I do know one thing you do not use the word “snuffed” about – a child that has died. I am not a journalist. I do however, have more Journalistic integrity in my little finger than the owner of The Sun Newspaper has in his whole body. Why would you put up with such nonsense? A young man’s family, his friends and the community are grieving over the loss of someone that should have never been taken from this world. It’s sad that you are using a publication this same community depends upon for their news to your own personal gain. Mr. Long ( I use the word mister loosely) you sell nothing but a $1.50 tabloid. You do not care about the people of El Dorado Springs or the community of El Dorado Springs. You only care about self gain and putting money in your pocket. That is not what a JOURNALIST is supposed to do. You are to report the truth with cold hard facts. Not your personal opinion.
This week in your Rock Wall column, you chose to print this little factoid:
“I don’t understand the attraction for High School students to drive on country roads after school. After the events of last week, I have one suggestion: stop it.”
El Dorado is a town of less than 4000 people, the whole area is pretty much county and rural roads. If I am not mistaken you live on a dirt road yourself. How would you have felt if either one of your kids would have been in his shoes? Would you still be saying the same thing? No. You would be calling foul and screaming to the high heavens. I think maybe you should walk a mile in someone’s shoes who lost someone this way and see how it feels. Neither one of those boys were on anything or drinking anything. This was a plain and simple tragedy.
I think the only way you will be able to get to this man to think of the feelings of others and the best interest of the community he serves before he goes to press is to boycott The Sun. No one ever again should give this man a dollar until he learns that stirring the pot with sensational news and exploitation isn’t news. I may only visit El Dorado Springs now, but it will always be my home and I will never purchase The Sun again. I hope that you will join me. We can’t let the people we love and care about be destroyed by a joke of a writer. Real stories are out there to find.
Mr. Long, you have made a joke, not only out of yourself but of the print you happen to call a newspaper. I would love for you to write an article about the dangers of drunk driving, or are we going to file that away in the never happened column as well. The Sun will always be a joke until someone who actually CARES about that community and it’s people take it over.
Richard Pruitt