Ladies and Gentleman, the weekend is over!!! Boo!!! However, this week the party is just getting started. Tuesday is Mardi Gras! This week is going to be fun and filled with some Cajun seasoning. We are going to have some themed posts, Finally part two of A Humbled Beginning. I procrastinate. Why put off today, what you can do tomorrow!!! Hunks, Music videos, Hotties, and Revolutions. We have it all here on UHF.

Why is it that most men love boobs? They really are the first naughty part of the woman you get to see. The down side, they are your mothers and usually kinda saggy. Why don’t we males like parts that we don’t get exposed to by sucking on something? I know one guy who is into women’s ears. That is a little weird even to me. I am not one to judge, but I don’t think I could ever have a waxy build up get on my tongue. I know one guy who sexually turned on by elbows. Yes, you read that right. ELBOWS. I don’t want to be turned on by a weenis. Ladies, you don’t want to have more self esteem issues by weenis envy. I am a legs and ass man. Nothing beats a good set of legs in a short skirt except…a nice booty in a pair of tight jeans. I mean come on. You are walking down the street and seeing ghetto booty, you just want to smack that. That leads us to today’s Retro Music Video. There is only one song we can be talking about. The Booty Anthem. Baby Got Back by Sir Mix Alot.