The day for love has finally arrived.How am I spending this Valentine’s day you asked? I spending it  by myself with a flat sprite, trying to beat the stomach flu out of me. Nothing says love more than not being able to hold down food. That is how I wanted to spend today. Fuck this holiday anyway. Has anyone really sat down and read the origins of Valentines Day. They used to sacrifice goats then cover the hides in blood of a dog. They proceeded to slap a virgin with it to make her more fertile. HELL YES. Nothing says love more than being slapped by a goat. So this valentines day give the gift of a goat bitch slap. That leads into today’s retro video. I was looking for an anti love song. Did I find it? You better bet your goat slapped ass I did. We are going back to the year 2001. This is one of the most controversial artists in music history. Why did I choose this version? Cause we needed some mother fucking metal. Here is Marilyn Manson with Tainted Love.