I have come to a very good decision. A decision that will help me out in the long run. This decision is very simple. This decision hit me in the middle of the night about a month ago. Do you want to know what that decision is? I will tell you. On one condition. You have to dance in a vat of mashed potatoes while watching The Golden Girls! Making mashed potatoes is very simple. Boil some water and throw in the spuds. The spuds will get mushy and mash. I will wait……… (I am going to go cook a pop tart and wait for you.)You got those done now. Good. Are you dancing? I have come to the conclusion that giving up on dating is not a bad idea. I am taking a hiatus from the wonderful world of fucking with strings attached. If there is a woman who would be willing to let me have some sexy time with no strings attached, shoot me a message at thebuzzkillblog@gmail.com if you have boobs you are more than welcome to message. Unless you are a chubby guy,That is a big NO! All this spare time has led me to think that I am going to be spending a lot of lonely nights in my underwear. What will I be doing in this time frame? I will be doing today’s Retro Video. This song comes from the amazing year 1981. Here is Dancing With Myself by Billy Idol.

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