Michael Phelps
Hello, all you stars and studs. Ladies, we need to end this 4th of July with something special. You don’t want to end it with a sparkler, do you? Let me light you up like a rocket. I hope you are having fun on America’s birthday. I hope you are getting ready to snuggle up under some fireworks with your significant other. I can tell, you that I wouldn’t be thinking about him at all. I am going to leave you with a mental image that is going to heat up your Fourth of July. You think it is hot now, wait till I am done with you. I love me a man that is athletic. And baby, nothing says athletic more than the Olympics. The Next induction into The Hall Of Hunks is an Olympian. When he gets all wet, I get all wet. I am talking about Michael Phelps. The swimmer that captivated an entire nation and did it while wearing a speedo. I wouldn’t mind him doing the breast stroke with me, maybe even the back stroke, and if I am feeling lucky maybe I can even get the Doggy Paddle. The hardest thing with him is the amount of food that crazy man eats. He eats over 10000 calories a day. I wouldn’t mind eating his 5 calories a day. Ladies, you have seen the little briefs. I know you have thought it. The only thing is that Olympians never make much money. I don’t know if he could keep me satisfied that way. I am guessing if things came down to it, I would get my cash for gold envelope sent me. 14 Gold medals have to have some value. He is hot, and he embodies America. That is why he is now a member of the Hall of Hunks.
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