I hope your Labor Day weekend is going great. This baby is driving me nuts. He or she keeps kicking the inside of my stomach. I think before the 9 months is up, he or she is going to be a kicker for one of the teams we keep writing about in the sports report. I was reading the Hall of Hotties and noticed that it was about a comic book character. That got my little mind to thinking about certain superheroes. All of which are hunky. I was thinking about which ones look great on the big screen. I love some Captain America but the guy who plays him is already enshrined forever in the Hall. He is not my favorite. I have always loved a bad boy. There is only one bad boy who plays a Super Hero. Robert Downey Jr. Is there not a sexier man who is pushing 50. Ladies, I will be right back. I have to change panties…. I am back and hoping my hormones don’t get the best of me. He is a very talented man who has got better with age, In the acting and the looks department. I don’t know really know a lot about his past acting parts. He was in the 1980s cult favorite, Weird Science. He played Ian. I would mind him wearing my bra on his head, but he has to be motor boating me. He was also a cast member in 1985 on Saturday Night Live. He fought a horrible drug addiction, but like any person who falls down on his luck he rose from the ashes to better himself as a person and an actor. His biggest role to date is playing the Billionaire Tony Stark who’s alter ego is Iron Man. I wonder if other things about me are Iron hard. He also plays the British sleuth Sherlock Holmes. What I wouldn’t do to be his Watson. I would help him solve crimes and then we would go back to his place and have sex till the morning light hits our faces. I know the hormones are driving me crazy. Robert Downey Jr, welcome to the Hall of Hunks. It’s about damn time.

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