We are back. Sorry for the weekend hiatus. Things happened beyond my control. I really don’t know how to explain this but damn it, I am going to try. Friday night I was destined to travel to the middle of nowhere and eat some fried oreos. Seriously, I think everything is better deep fried. Chicken, Deep fry it.  Corn, deep fry it. Skittles, why the fuck not. Deep fry those little buggers. Saturday I got to get back to nature and I must admit that it was very amazing. I am still a little afraid that I have carried a curse with me though. We found some Indian burial grounds and think I might have some sort of problems following me. It’s just like the episode of The Brady Bunch where they find that Tiki and boom, Greg almost gets eaten by a shark or tries jumping it. Wait a Sec… I just crossed shows didn’t I? Oh well, that would explain the next two days as I have been going non stop. I am like the energizer bunny, I keep going and going except in the bedroom where I let my right hand do all the talking. But we have a big week planned around here, The Future Is So Bright, you are going to have to wear shades.

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