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Over the last few days my Inbox has been swamped with emails about a certain news story that is making its way across the country. It really didn’t catch my opinion until I read what an anchor at the ABC affiliate in Jonesboro Arkansas, KAIT, put that she goes through the same thing. Let me give you the back story. A news anchor for the network WKBT in La Crosse Wisconsin, Jennifer Livingston shares the news with the people of that area. Jennifer received an email from a viewer that criticizes her weight and the response has been amazing. Here is Jennifer’s 4 minute response to what the man had to say.

First thing, I am going to say and this is not to be harsh in any way. The one thing we do if we are in any sort of profession that puts us in the public eye is we are going to be highly scrutinized for every little thing we do. I understand that this happens a lot but let’s clarify something. Has this woman been arrested so many times over the last year that we have lost count? No. Has Jennifer Livingston, been caught with drugs? No. Does she go to work every morning and perform her job to the best of her ability? Yes. Parents, is this the type of woman you would want for a role model for your daughters? The answer should be yes. Anyone can say whatever they want behind a computer and a keyboard. I am doing it at this moment but there is one difference, I will back my stuff up if someone catches me in person. Jennifer’s weight should have never been an issue at all. The issue should be how she performs at her job. Judging by that editorial, I am guessing pretty damn well. I thought we had moved passed this stuff as adults but apparently I was wrong. High School was filled with this kind of stuff happening over and over. You are now in the real world grow up. Jennifer Livingston did something that most of American’s would not have done. She stood up for herself. Do not let someone bring down for being who you are. Stand up for yourself, like Jennifer Livingston did. We might do a Hall of Hotties and Hunks on this website, but trust me, I am proud to say that the celebrities we have inducted are all shapes and sizes. Beauty is much much more than what is one the outside, it’s about what is in the heart as well. This is to every news anchor across the country that goes through the same thing. I appreciate what you guys and gals do. It is not easy to get in front of a camera and deliver heart breaking stories day in and day out. Thank You. Just remember if you are going to bring someone down cause of a way they look, why not saying those hurtful things to the person looking back at you in the mirror.

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