The Breastfeeding Doll….. What The Fuck!?!?!?!

Christmas is just around the corner and parents all across the country are wondering what they are going to get their little ones. Years past it was, Cabbage Patch Dolls, Furbys, and Tickle Me Elmos were all the rage. However, there is one toy this year that if you actually bought your child you would end up winning the World’s Worst Parent. A company out of Spain called Berjuan released a doll for little girls that would be just awkward to see someone playing with in public. Some dolls able to be fed from a bottle, some dolls wet themselves, this doll actually can be breastfed. Yes, you read that right! Something that is looked down upon by people in planes, trains, and Chinese Restaurants, has now been turned into something that little children play with. Think about seeing an adult breastfeeding, wait until there is a 4 or 5 year old girl letting a rubber doll suck on a pasty. Here is how this terrible doll works. So the little girl puts on a halter top, there are two words that should never be in the same sentence as a little girl, and there are sensors in the place of where the nipples would be. The girl puts the doll to the sensors and the doll starts suckling on the plastic titties. If that is not the definition of what the fuck I don’t know what the hell is. There are just things, in this world that should never happen in society this is one of those things. If you see a child breastfeeding a doll, please report their parents to child services. Take the doll away from the kid and punt it.