Ladies and Gentlemen, do we have a huge announcement that will rock The Buzz Kill to the very foundation of its core. I bet you are wondering what that would be? I guess I am going to have to let the cat out of the bag eventually but today is not that day. The announcement will come on Friday during episode 7 of The Buzz Kill Live. A nice little plug for the most random show on the net. I will tell you this, you guys and gals will not be disappointed. Now that I have the formalities out-of-the-way on an announcement, let me commence what a huge week we will be having here at The Buzz Kill. This week it is the return of Dan, the Dating Diva, Crank it to 11 reviewing a band out of Poplar Bluff MO, with possibly one of the best names in music today and The Buzz Kill Live. This is going to be a huge week.

Dating is hard! I am guessing for some of you that is understatement. Who knows where you could meet the love your life? You could meet them online, you could meet them through a friend, or he could be a guy dressed as a very ugly woman making a stripper pole his or I guess in this case “her Bitch.” If that is how you met the love if your life, I guarantee you a free Shirt from our stores because any woman who finds that sexy is a one bad ass hookah. I felt like channeling my inner Lafayette from True Blood.  Does anyone remember the days of video dating services? Those were the days, they rank right up there with parachute pants and other things from the early 90s. The Funny Ass Video for today comes to us from the twisted mind of Jeremy Rowley. Ladies and Gents and Doug, I present to you the Perfect Dating Video.