I feel like something has been missing in the entire process of rebooting the site. I would have said it was Stick Figure Dan but he will be gracing your eye sockets with an all new self-help series. I am guessing that will be one of the most interesting articles to go up on the site in a really long time. The one thing I feel has been missing since we relaunched on Friday is the gracing of a woman who can be classified as hot. Maybe, I am wrong here  but I know a lot of guys and a few girls who love a good pair of boobs. I feel like boobs are natures way of apologizing to us for having to drive through farmland. We love all kinds of boobs around here, big boobs, little boobs, and boobs that are shaped like horseshoes, clovers, rainbows and balloons. I believe boobs are so well-loved among society that I think we should replace the handshake and a hug, with just jumping into someone’s arms and motor boating the nice set of boobs that are in front of you. It is a great way to say hi, plus we would finally have our own world greeting. I digress, the Hall of Hotties has had a major makeover since we decided to relaunch the site. You can now find all the hotties in one place. Something that we could not do on the old site, so if you want to check out to see if your favorite celebrity sex kitten has been inducted click on the menu above where it says Hotties. However, you are not allowed to do so until after this induction. If you happen to leave the page there will be a possible ball gag in your future and some light spanking. If you are not kinky, nothing will happen.

mezmg_967905421.315x0I love the sound of the 80s. I think it was one of the most fun decades ever. The fashion, the weirdness, but most importantly the music of the 80s. The 80s might have had one instrument only, the synthesizer, but those songs still mark who we are to this day. Marilyn Manson has done so many covers of songs from the 80s, he is starting to become a love child of David Bowie. Let us flash forward to the year 2006. I was starting the day or ending the day like I would normally end any day. I would watch music videos to find something to whack off to. I mean watch while I painted my nails. Neither one of those actually sounds right does it? This music video came on and I couldn’t look away. I guess you could have said it was the sexy and smoldering looks that Adam West was giving the camera. I bet those are two words that you never thought you would read in the same sentence. No, it was this beautiful woman with black hair in an orange/red dress. The song sampled, Sweet Dreams which was made famous in the 80s by The Eurythmics. In  that moment, I knew I was an absolute fan of the band Stefy.

The lead singer of this band is the 28-year-old Stefy Rae and I want to add the next induction into The Hall of Hotties. I want everyone to know something, I have never really had any problems ever finding a biography on someone to write an induction but there must be a first time for everything. I have a hard time finding any information on this beautiful woman who was the lead to one of my favorite bands. The band’s biggest hit was the song Chelsea. The song was used in a lot of promotional material including the 2006 World Cup. The bands second song Hey, Schoolboy which was also written by Stefy Rae, is one of the catchiest songs on the planet plus the music video is very sexy. steph_Single_0009_RET

Is it sad that is all we know about the lead singer of the band Stefy. We would have put our journalistic skills to the test but realized it’s just too much work. We are sad about not finding out more about her. She could sing and somehow she had fallen off the face of the earth where no one can find her. I know she is out there, I know she is alive, I also know she is looking for a guy like me. Stefy Rae, if you happen to be Googling yourself and this induction comes up. I just want you to know, your fan misses you. I need new music and maybe some light Googling could happen between the two of us.