Deep in the bowels of the BuzzKill basement I have discovered a 1990’s Macintosh Classic, which alarmingly and/or amazingly still worked.  I stared at it in wonderment as whirled and beeped itself to life and ask me if I would like to go on a quest.  I typed in, “yes.”  It beeped and whirled some more while I pondered as to what I would call my new friend.  Therefore, after finding an old curtain rod, I dubbed the relic DEEP THOUGHT.  Especially as it whirled and beeped itself into confusion and had to reboot itself.  Meanwhile, as Deep Thought rebooted itself the glow from the TV screen distracted me.  A movie…

220px-Bachelorette_FilmPosterDid you ever want to watch three coked up and drunk 30-somethings get plastered, destroy a wedding dress, and behave like teenagers, but it not be another episode “Real Housewives of…” such and such city?  If you did, then perhaps “Bachelorette” is for you.  “Bachelorette” stars Kirsten Dunst, Rebel WilsonLizzy Caplan, and Isla Fisher.  The four “Bee-Faces” from high school are reunited when Becky(Wilson), the heavier set of the four, is engaged to be married.  Becky requests Regan(Dunst) to be her maid of honor, much to Regan’s chagrin  who had believed she would be first of the four to get married.  She is quickly joined by the most dysfunctional members of the group, Gena(Caplan) and Katie(Fisher) who have brought cocaine with them and hired a stripper.  However, Becky is a bit of a bridezilla and is understandably set off when the male stripper calls her by her high school moniker “pig face.”  Becky leaves in an angry huff and the other three are left to lick their envious wounds by getting high on cocaine and destroying the wedding dress when Katie and Regan try to wear at the same time.  With their cocaine minds barely functioning they attempt to repair the damage through a wild crazy drug induced night that rents even more destruction.

The movie, though comparable to “The Hangover” and “Bridesmaids” stands on its own two feet as a dark slightly raunchy comedy.  These girls are the girls we love to hate.  They are selfish, mean, dumb, and we can’t help but laugh when life throws them lemons because it karmic justice.  I mean, who wouldn’t like to see the snotty prom queen lick the side walks of New York City?

Deep Thought is beeping happily to itself after it has rebooted itself, and has just told me I am the heir to a great kingdom, but I must go on a quest to discover the three enchanted treasures that will save the king and kingdom and which way would I like to go?  “Oh, Deep Thought…there is no way to go.  We’re locked in the BuzzKill basement.”

About the author

ED Wilson

E.D. Wilson is a wandering spirit. She has traveled across our good nation, jumped the pond to hobnob with our distant relatives once or twice, and then got bored and relaxed with the islanders in Hawaii, where she had an epiphany; it was time to quit procrastinating and go back to school. Like most things in life, she submersed herself, dug in amongst her laptop and books, and remained there for two years. Finally, after graduating in 2012, she has emerged again among the rest of civilization. Wider, brighter, and full of Graphic Design knowledge that remains somewhat useless without a job, she dusts herself off and has a look around; and she realizes she has missed much entertainment. Like, what the heck is “Inception”, who are “X-Men, First Class” (do they have classes, I thought they were an anarcho-syndicalist commune?), and why did they make another “Pirates of Caribbean?” So my friends, as a favor to a friend, and a desperate need to live “Mystery Science Theatre 3000” she has locked herself in front of several movies, and vows to review the good, the bad, and the ugly.