I want to talk to you about something serious. Something that I feel that could impact a life without you even knowing. It can blindside you at the time when you least expect it. In my life that time would be 2:28 in the morning. Remember the episode of How I Met Your Mother where they say that nothing good happens after 2 in the morning. Maybe, I can honestly say that maybe I am wrong. I think some of life’s best moments are after 2. Take this for instance, You know that moment when someone text you and you think you are replying to that person, but actually you are responding to the person that you like. In that moment you realize that your world could come crashing down upon you. It is really weird to send a text to someone that you like that you have had a stint in prison because you shot a man in Reno just to watch him die. The only thing is that you missed it because you were sending the wrong person a text message. However, in all the embarrassment that you are feeling, the true question is what did the other person feel when you sent that text message. Were they happy to read your message? Did they get giddy like a 13 year old girl seeing a One Direction concert. What if that text message is exactly how they felt and you just don’t know it. Over 2 in the evening, it is these types of messages that make you want to call that person and tell them, that “I would stop the world and melt with you.”